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LUVU Beauty is dedicated in bringing Mother Nature back to the Body using only the highest quality minerals. All products are created from a simple premise. We use Natural and Organic ingredients and keep dangerous chemical preservative systems, including Parabens, and additives out of the jar! At LUVU Beauty, each ingredient has a positive purpose for your body and skin! We maintain the highest standards of quality throughout the formulations and productions of ALL of our products.

LUVU Beauty has vowed to supply their customers with only Spa Quality NATURAL Products that are naturally preserved and completely free of chemicals, fragrances and irritants.

90% of the products LUVU Beauty’s carries are now Made in Canada !!!!

Being Conscious!

Are you aware that most personal care products, especially cosmetics and skin care lotions, contain questionable synthetic chemicals like Parabens and Proplylene Glycol.These chemicals are linked to many different cancers, skin irritations, allergies, and not to mention the leading cause of wrinkles and acne. Be conscious, read your labels, do your research!

Breaking the Cycle!

Good intentions are not good enough-just because a product looks and claims to be natural and organic, doesn’t mean it is!!! Canadian regulations state that if a product has ONE natural ingredient, the company can claim that product to be natural.Your first step to a healthier future starts with small changes. Start reading and understanding labels and ingredients.

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